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oakley sunglasses outlet sale Secondary school graduates, he can find the first job is to do security at Wal-Mart China headquarters, janitor. Even the janitor, he is also very hard, he will pay attention to remember every person out of the name, meet directly when called out. Because of his serious, a few months later, he transferred from the security door to the store security. This adjustment, changed the life of Zhengyao Nan Road. Many people ask, why did he do the security of the rich it. In the store to do security, he is not just look at the thieves or something, he uses the time to work, carefully observe the habits of consumers to buy things, observe how the salesman to sell things out of the supermarket is how to manage the goods. Once, Zheng Yaonan know a bottle of small cosmetics can be sold to 300, when his heart was a huge impact, and firmly diverted to do the sales, find out the way he resigned two years after the venture, with their own 20,000 Diversified, opened the first cosmetics shop. A year later opened to eight discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet earning the first pot of gold. One day, Zhengyao Nan saw a stall selling underwear, a 10 yuan underwear, one hour turnover actually sold almost 1,000 yuan! He could not sit still, that the underwear market prospects, founder of the City Beauty wind underwear company, which is now filled with the city's predecessor of Beauty. In 2014, his company listed in Hong Kong City Beauty, Fenggang Town, Dongguan, the first listed company in 2015 Hurun Rich List, Zhengyao Nan worth 8.5 billion list. Sells more than 10 billion underwear each year. Even at the huge amounts of money please go to Lin Chi-ling to do image spokesperson. Zhengyao Nan said that to do business to know their own strengths, not what the fire to do what to make money, to stand the temptation, he said: 'In the course of my experience, I only do one thing, A lot of temptation, such as the real estate the best time when someone told me, Zheng total, you have so many factories and property can do real estate.When the hotel industry oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet in Dongguan very good time, I did not do because my ability is not here , My ability in the underwear. 'Now a lot of people say that the store business difficult, but the city beauty store is close to 10,000, and every day to add three new speed increase. Zheng Yaonan said: 'Many people say that the entity does not work, shop does not open .I just want to why your shop does not go, why your business does not go, is not because you are not enough attention, is not because you do not really understand you What is the basic nature of the industry? 'Zhengyao Nan is also very bold, 2009 financial crisis, many people business is bad, then shrink the business for the winter. But Zhengyao Nan contrarian expansion, Zhengyao Nan found that the domestic market has not really been a great impact, but the acquisition cost is much lower. That year, he only used the original half of the price to buy a factory, also acquired several companies. Zhengyao Nan 's success, and his stock of this study and diligence hard inseparable. oakley sunglasses factory outlet